Purchase Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Ordering

The owner of Coins.ee website is Coins.ee OÜ (Commercial Registry Code of the Republic of Estonia: 11970227).

  1. Validity of sales terms and conditions, information about goods and prices
    1.1. The sales terms apply upon purchasing goods from the website (hereinafter Webshop) of Coins.ee OÜ (hereinafter also the Seller).
    1.2. Information about the goods and prices is displayed in the Webshop together with the goods.
    2. Making a purchase in the Webshop
    2.1 For ordering the goods the product needs to be added to the basket. For presenting an order, the buyer needs to fill in the required fields and choose a preferred method for the delivery of goods. Thereafter the amount to be paid will be displayed and a payment for the goods can be made either via a bank link or other payment application.
    2.2 The sales contract for the goods ordered will become valid upon the receipt of the entire sum to be paid to the bank account of the Webshop. The Seller shall notify the buyer about the receipt of the sum via an e-mail.
    2.3 If the goods ordered cannot be supplied due to the lack of supply or due to any other reasons, the buyer shall be notified as soon as possible and the sum paid (including the delivery cost) shall be refunded no later than during 14 days after receiving a respective notice from the buyer.
    3. Delivery
    3.1. The delivery cost of the goods shall be paid by the buyer and the respective cost is indicated together with the method of shipment.
    3.2. The domestic shipments inside Estonia shall reach the destination determined by the buyer within 2-7 working days after the conclusion of the sales agreement. In extraordinary situations the Seller shall have the right to deliver the goods during a period lasting up to 45 days.
    4. Cancellation
    4.1. The cancellation terms of the 14-day right of order cancellation provided for in the sales terms shall not apply to buyers being legal persons.
    4.2.The buyers shall have the right to cancel the sales contract within 14 days after the receipt of goods.
    4.3. If the returned goods have the signs of use or wear, the Seller shall have the right to perform a settlement in the amount of the reduced value of goods by reducing the refunded sum by the respective amount. Foremost, but not only, the Seller can perform a settlement with the sum of purchase if the goods no longer have their original packaging or when the packaging has been damaged, if the goods have marks of use or wear, if there occur costs for cleaning or fixing goods or costs for replacing the packaging of goods.
    4.4. In order to return goods, the buyer shall send to the Seller an application for cancelling the purchase (the sample form for which can be foundhere)and send it to the e-mail address [email protected]during 14 days after the receipt of goods.
    4.5. The cost of returning goods shall be borne by the buyer, except when the goods are returned due to the fact that they are not compliant with the order (for example, are not the correct items or have deficiencies). The buyer shall return the goods to the Seller during a reasonable period of time but no later than 14 days after cancelling the order or present evidence that the goods have been handed over to the delivery service during the same period. If the buyer has chosen a method of delivery that is not the cheapest delivery option offered by the Webshop then the Seller is not obliged to refund to the buyer the delivery cost exceeding the cost of the regular (cheapest) delivery.
    4.6. The sum paid for returned goods shall be refunded by the Seller as soon as possible but not later than 14 days after sending the notice of cancellation. If the buyer delays the return of goods or providing evidence about the return of goods, the Seller shall have the right to extend the period of refunding the sum paid for the goods by an equal amount of days.
    4.7. The Seller shall have the right to cancel the sales contract and reclaim the goods from the buyer if the price of goods in the Webshop has been erroneously indicated considerably below the market price of the goods.
    5. Right for Reclamation
    5.1. The Seller shall be responsible for the non-compliance of the goods sold to the buyer with the terms of contract and for deficiencies that existed already upon the delivery of goods and which appear within two years after the delivery of goods to the buyer. If such deficiency appears during the first six months after delivery, it shall be assumed that the deficiency existed already at the time of delivery. The rebuttal of such assumption shall be the liability of the Webshop. Should a deficiency be discovered, the buyer shall have the right to turn to the Webshop no later than during two months by sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by calling +372 55 689 857.
    5.2. The Seller shall not be liable for deficiencies that occurred after the goods were delivered to the buyer. Should the goods purchased from the Webshop have deficiencies for which the Seller is liable for then the Seller shall fix or replace the deficient goods. If the goods cannot be fixed or replaced, the Seller shall refund to the buyer all the costs related to the purchase contract.
    5.3. The Seller shall reply to the complaint submitted by the buyer in writing or in or in a form enabling written reproductionwithin 15 days.
    5.4. If the returned goods have been damaged as a result of the non-purposeful use by the buyer or due to any other reason caused by the buyer, the Seller shall have the right to settle the reduction in the value of goods with the sum of purchase.
    6. Settlement of Disputes
    7.1 Should buyers have complaints regarding the Webshop then such complaints should be sent via e-mail to [email protected]or communicated via phone +372 55 689 857.
    7.2 If the buyer and the Seller cannot solve a dispute by reaching an agreement then the buyer shall have the right to turn to the Consumer Disputes Settlement Committee. The conditions of the proceedings can be read and applications presented on website www.komisjon.ee. The Consumer Disputes Settlement Committee is responsible for solving disputes between buyers and sellers arising from mutual contracts. The complaints of the buyers are proceeded free of charge. The buyer can also turn to the EU platform dealing with consumer disputes.