How to buy

You need previous registration in order to participate in auction, just click on the link Register on the header of the page. Insert the required data, read the Terms of Use and accept them. After that we will contact you and your user account will be authenticated by our representative. does not reveal the data of clients to third parties. All data is handled as confidential. A client’s user account is intended for personal use only. If third persons take hold of your user account, they may make bids under your name, which may result in binding obligations for you in front of OÜ.
Items bought from auctions are the property of OÜ or the principal who has brought the items for sale till the moment the full purchase price has been paid for the items.

Auction fees:

  • Auction fee of 12% is added to all coins, except for gold and platinium coins.
    whereas this 12% also includes all taxes valid in the Republic of Estonia, no goverment taxes added, just shipping and handling.
  • The auction fee added to gold and platinium coins is 9%.
  • 15% of auction fee will be added to the lots containing 5 or more than 5 items.

The items must be fully paid for in 10 (ten) calendar days since the date the invoice was issued.
All costs related to payment are borne by the buyer.

Payment options:

  • Banktransfer
  • Paypal (+5,5%)

After the end of the auction every buyer undertakes to pay the highest bet he/she made on the auction, to which the auction fee and, if necessary, the delivery fees will be added. If the invoice is not paid duly, a fine for delay of 0.2% of the outstanding sum per day will be added to the sum of the invoice. If items have not been paid for in 30 days after issuing of the invoice, the outstanding invoice will be transferred to a debt collection company, whereas the buyer undertakes to bear all costs related to the enforcement of late payments.